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Hydrant Box Type C
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Specification of Hydrant Box Type C

Fire Hydrant Box Type C

Hydrant Box Box Type C is a box that is used to maintain the equipment hydrants (fire extinguishers). Fire hydrant boxes are made exclusively by the manufacturer which is engaged in the equipment fire hydrant to keep a fire extinguisher stored properly, the hydrant boxes of course very useful and help the team prepare firefighters for fire fighting equipment and facilitate finding the location of fire-fighting equipment. In addition, by using a fire extinguisher hydrant box store space more tidy and beautiful views.

Fire Hydrant Box Specifications Type C:

Type: C
Material: Mild Steel
Dimensions: 950 X 660 X 200 Mm
Thickness: 1.2 Mm, 1.5 Mm Mm Or 2
End Printing: Powder Coating.

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