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Hydrant Pillar has a function to supply pressurized water from a network of hydrant systems. Its location outside the building and arranged with a certain distance. If referring to SNI (Indonesian National Standard) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), the placement of Hydrant Pillar is determined based on the following:

The location and amount of hydrant (hydrant box and hydrant pillar) output are needed to determine the capacity of the pump as a medium for attracting and spraying water from reservoirs.

A good Hydrant placement distance is 35-38 meters between one another. because, the fire hose has a hydrant box whose length is 30 meters, while the water spray can reach 5 meters from the fire hose nozzle.

In buildings or buildings that are more than 8 stories high, hydrants must also be provided to prevent fires from spreading to adjacent buildings.

Hydrant Pillar and Hydrant Box are placed in a place that is easily accessible and safe, usually placed near the emergency exit.

There are 2 types of Hydrant Pillar brand Hooseki, the first is the Hooseki H-14AP Hydrant Pillar Two Ways, and Hooseki H-13AP Hydrant Pillar One Ways This difference is found in the valve that is used as a connection for fire hose. For Hydrant Pillar Two Ways there are 2 valves that can be used. The Hydrant Pillar Hooseki 2 Ways specifications are as follows:

• With Main Valve

• No Valve Balls

• Model: Van Der Hayden Coupling (Vdh)

• Type: H-14 Ap Size: 4 "X 2.5" X 2.5 "

The material for making hydrant pillars is Brass / Stainless Steel, so it will be more suitable for long-term use, for example in coastal areas. But there is also another material which is iron. Functionally the same, but iron Hydrant Pillar is more suitable for projects with a minimal budget because hydrant pillars made using Stainless Steel are more expensive.

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