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safety helmet
safety helmet
safety helmet
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Specification of safety helmet

safety helmet deltaplus

 Yellow lemon, Red, Blue, White, Green & Orange

ABS safety helmet. Innovative baseball cap shape to improve vision when looking up. Also tested for front back wearing, to reduce encumbrance. Textile cradle: 3 textile straps with 8 fixing points. Foam sweat band. Innovative button adjustment colour to colour for head sizes 53/63 cm. 2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for a better comfort. Electrical insulation up to 1 000 V.A.C. or 1 500 V.D.C.

Product Use :

-Construction / Civil engineering
-Heavy industry
-Oil / Gas industry

Protect From :

-Shock Impact

Product's highlights & user's benefits :

-Suspension button for easy adjustment
-Fluorescent colours and silver band for high visibility
-Also tested for front-to-back wear for improved vision
-Very curved visor for higher vertical vision

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